VS Bookshelf Application

Download and Install the Vital Source Bookshelf application on your devices (PC/laptop/mobile)

You are able to download the Vital Source application on your pc/laptop, tablet or smart phone from Vital Source Bookshelf Download  web page and download your eTextbooks so as to read them offline. You can also print your eTextbooks. Note that you may be limited on the number of pages printed per printing effort according to each publisher’s restrictions.

You are allowed to install the VS BookShelf application to 2 computer and 2 mobile devices.

To download and install the Vital Source Bookshelf application, follow the steps below:

Download Bookshelf

  • Click on the Vital Source Bookshelf Download link.
  • In the Download the Latest Version of Vital Source Bookshelf page click the corresponding button for the device you wish to install the application (i.e. for Windows, Mac, iPad, Android tablets and smart phones). Instructions are available on the same page for completing the task.
  • Save the executable file (.exe) on your device and proceed with the installation.
  • Launch the Vital Source Bookshelf application and accept the License Agreement.
  • You are now presented with the Vital Source Bookshelf environment and a window requires your Vital Source user credentials to login. As username put your @acg.edu email user account and as password the password you entered when you activated your user account via Blackboard Learn.
  • In case there is an adopted eTextbook in your Blackboard Learn course and the online Bookshelf you will be able to see your eTextbooks in the VS Bookshelf application. If not, you first need to wait for the eTextbooks to be adopted. Then, visit the Account menu and select Update Book List.
  • You have now activated the Vital Source Bookshelf on your pc and synchronized its contents.
  • To keep your list updated, click the Account menu item on the VitalSource Bookshelf application and choose Update Book List.

Additionally, you are permitted to deactivate the VS application license from a device and use the activation for another device. You can do this via your online Bookshelf user account and the Devices option.

Manage Devices

In order to deactivate a device, click the deactivate link.