Heritage Greece 2016

Alex Christodoulou Discovering the Greek History Narrative

Today we visited the Benaki museum. It was interesting to see artifacts from greek history that we dont generally cover in the US. After dinner at the Benaki we attended a concert at the old olympic stadium, listening to the music with the acropolis as the backdrop was nothing short of spectacular!

Alex Christodoulou

Kali Pappas

Today we went to the Benaki museum and had a private presentation with a former government official. It was so interesting and I couldn’t get over the fact that the building was once a single family home. We also went to a charity concert at the ancient stadium that held the first modern Olympics. It was so fun to hear authentic Greek music live. It felt like I was at my Greek festival back home.
Kali Pappas

Marina Stelmack Poseidon’s Temple

Yesterday, in Sounio, we were able to see the Temple of Poseidon and a beautiful view of the Aegean Sea. We spent a lot of time exploring, taking pictures, and listening to the history of the temple. It was such a great time; it’s hard to believe I only met these wonderful people a week ago!

August Michaelides Benaki Museum Visit

Had another wonderful day in Athens. We explored the incredible Benaki museum and saw their collection of our Greek heritage. Afterward, we attended a stunning concert in the old Olympic stadium. It is hard to believe we have been here for a week already and have become so close to our new friends and our heritage. Very excited to explore Crete!

August Michaelides

Christen Massouras Benaki Museum Visit

I can honestly say that I had no idea what to expect when coming to Greece. Yet after experiencing so many breathtaking moments with people that I now consider a second family, I can confidently say that Heritage Greece has surpassed every expectation that I had. Today I went to the Benaki museum, ate on the rooftop terrace, and danced along to traditional Greek music in an Olympic stadium. There are truly no words to describe how awesome the day was.

Christen Massouras

Jimmy Brocket Benaki Museum Visit

Today we visited the benaki museum, I really enjoyed the lecture because the minister of culture answered some of my questions about Greek culture and museums in general that i have always been curious about. Also the rooftop restaurant was beautiful. The concert was a beautiful event that was a wonderful bonding experience with everyone that was surreal with the acropolis in the background.

Jimmy Brocket

Sophia Semertsidis Benaki Museum Visit

Today we went to the Benaki museum and I got to attend my first Greek concert! The Benaki museum is beautiful and they have so many different pieces of Greek history. One of my favorite parts of the museum was the exhibit on costumes. It was cool to see how my ancestors from Chios dressed back in the day. After touring the museum, we had a great dinner at the museum’s rooftop restaurant!

OVO Soph

Nicole Nasser The Parthenon

Today we went to the Acropolis Museum and visited the Parthenon and Acropolis. It was absolutely breathtaking to witness such history. The artifacts in the museum and the Acropolis itself are not only windows into history, but also influence society, culture, religion and philosophy. I also think our schedule of starting in Washington DC for orientation before heading to Athens was very well crafted. It made for interesting connections, as DC is the center of American government but Athens is the birthplace of democracy. The trip has been very fun and educational so far!

Nicole Nasser 2

Nicole Nasser 1

Conrad Slone Benaki Museum Visit

I went into the day with an open mind ready to experience a more artistic side of the Greek culture The collection of art at the Benaki museum was bar none the most impressive I’ve seen to date and the staff was outstanding. After an amazing rooftop diner the concert was the perfect way to cap the night. Before the music even started I was entrigued by the people alone. It was the most candid experience of the trip as we where able to see thousands of people have a good time and take in live music at the incredible Olympic venue.

Lauren Gordon – Poseidon Temple & Varkiza Beach Visit

Day 4 in Greece and I’ve made so many connections with other students… We feel like one big happy family! Today’s agenda: class, Temple of Poseidon and Yabanaki beach. The view from the Temple of Poseidon was breath-taking. Pictures couldn’t do it justice!