Heritage Greece 2016

William Armiros – Acropolis Museum and Parthenon Visit

Today was probably the best day of the trip so far. It was fascinating to discover the history of the Parthenon and the modern controversy of its statues at the museum. Actually visiting it was unbeatable. The view was unmatched no matter which direction you looked, and it made you feel both on top of the world and incredibly small at once.

william armiros

Natalie Cernius – Acropolis Museum and Parthenon Visit

Today was my first time going to the Acropolis. As amazing as it was seeing the beautiful views from the very top, and thinking about what an effort it must have taken to build such an incredible place, my greatest reflection came while I was staring out the bus window on the way back to campus.

It hit me that in the distance, behind the pop culture ads I saw and the people taking selfies on the streets, the Parthenon stands in full view. To me, this is one of the most telling things about Greece: even in all its modernity, there is such a constant and impactful reminder of its great past.

Sam Duros – Acropolis Museum and Parthenon Visit

sam duros

Today we visited the Acropolis Museum and Parthenon! I learned about the history of vases and how they depicted marriages depending on how they were decorated, which I thought was really interesting. My favorite sculpture was one of Athena holding Medusa’s head. I really enjoy Greek Mythology so I loved being able to learn more stories that correlated to the sculptures. We then hiked up to the Parthenon which was incredible. Get ready to see many selfies!!

sam duros 2

Alexandra Walsh – Acropolis Museum and Parthenon Visit

Learning comes in many forms: through stories, photos, and textbooks. But having visited the Acropolis today, having climbed the slippery marble steps and battled the rays of the hot Greek sun, I can truly say that nothing is more impactful than witnessing history and it’s monuments with my own eyes. For me, part of connecting with my heritage means experiencing the past first hand. Today, Hellenic culture and values were apparent in everything from exhibits in the Acropolis Museum to the ornate columns in the temple of Nike and Athena.

alexandra walsh

Basil Vergados – Acropolis Museum and Parthenon Visit

Today’s activities lined up Greece’s amazing beauty with its unprecedented historical landscape. We started the day with our Greek lessons, and then at 1:30 we moved on to the Acropolis Museum in Athens to learn about the history of Greece and admire its many surviving artifacts. As the day came to a close we finished our itinerary where Greek civilization began- the Acropolis. It was impressive, amazing, and I can’t wait to see more!

Steve Parlamas – Acropolis Museum and Parthenon Visit & Host Family Evening

steve parlamas

This afternoon we visited the Acropolis Museum and climbed the Acropolis. Our tour guide connected the sites to our Greek Heritage and it was an awesome opportunity to spend time with friends and ACG Peers. We went to dinner in small groups with host families. We experienced life in Greece first hand and met kind and welcoming families. It was a great day in Greece and I’m excited to visit Crete in the coming days.

steve parlamas parthenon


Sammy Pistiolis – Host Family Evening

The family dinner was a way to immerse myself in ‘real’ Greek life and to get connected with my family. I met my Thea Ellena and her daughter, Maria for the first time today. The night was absolutely amazing, we started by going to a kafenio and just talking for 2 hours and about life and family. Next, we went to a little restaurant where we had meze for dinner. I am very thankful for the night and for my family! Looking forward to many more adventures!

sammy pistiolis

Angelika Ballas & Katerina Exarhos – Acropolis Museum and Parthenon Visit & Host Family Evening

Today we went to visit the Acropolis and the museum. We were in awe at the museum of how much has been discovered and how well these artifacts have remained intact, as well as with the Parthenon. Later in the day we visited dinner with host families. Going into someone’s home in Greece and eating with them and talking makes the experience so much more real and feel less of being a “tourist.” I enjoyed eating a home cooked meal and meeting families from around Greece. It was an awesome day!

ballas & exarchos

Jessica Nicholas – Acropolis Museum, Parthenon Visit & Varkiza Beach Time

The beach was gorgeous today and it was great to swim with the whole group. I found some cool seaglass. The Parthenon was the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen!

jessica nicholas beach time jessica nicholas parthenon

Katrina Syrakos, Dinner with our peers!

Language barriers hardly exist when it comes to food, and tonight was no exception. Two other Heritage Greece students and I were hosted by two of our favorite ACG peers for dinner. The food that was brought out never seemed to end, and we all ate until we couldn’t move any further than to the couch in the next room. The dinner was the perfect opportunity to solidify bonds with all of our fellow peers, practice some of our Greek, and of course an excuse to eat tons of authentic food.

Katrina Syrakos