Heritage Greece 2016

Basil Vergados

Yesterday’s activities lined up Greece’s amazing beauty with its unprecedented historical landscape. We started the day with our Greek lessons, and then at 1:30 we moved on to the Acropolis Museum in Athens to learn about the history of Greece and admire its many surviving artifacts. As the day came to a close we finished our itinerary where Greek civilization began- the Acropolis. It was impressive, amazing, and I can’t wait to see more!

Dakota Muench Host Family Evening

Today, a few ACG peers took us to a modern, Greek home for a dinner party. We enjoyed a classic meal specially prepared by the peers’ grandparents while imbibing piping hot red wine with honey and cinnamon. Afterwards, we participated in Greek dancing steps and watched the sunset on the balcony. ‘Ητανε πολύ ωραία.

Apostolos-Filippos Pappas, Scooterise Athens

Heritage Greece Program is an opportunity which everyone should take advantage of. The Program connects young students and offers so many unforgettable experiences. To be more specific, one of these experiences was the scootering in the center of Athens. On Monday evening, the 13th of July we went downtown in order to explore Athens in a different way, by using scooters. We visited places like the National Garden or the Kallimarmaro Stadium and we had a tour guide who was explaining the history of each place! Such an amazing experience that I will definitely never forget.


Heritage Greece 2016

Welcome to our amazing adventure in Greece. Follow us on the Heritage Greece Blog and experience the program through out eyes!