Cruising the Aegean Sea

Blue; it’s everywhere in Greece. From sky to flag, it’s a color deeply associated with Greece’s past, present, and future. And what better way to explore the open Aegean sea than a cruise of the Argosaronic gulf!

Situated due south of Athens, it has a rich history, spanning from antiquity to modern times. Most notably, the battle of Eleusina, where the Athenian navy battled the Persian navy, in what would become the largest naval battle of antiquity!

Upon reaching the harbour, the excitement was palpable. Everyone was looking forward to spending the day sailing the open blue sea. People boarded, anchors were raised, and off they were. An hour of gentle sailing was enough to wet everyone’s appetite for a swim. The two boats eventually reached the small island of Fleves. A small paradise. No one could believe the clarity of the waters at a place so close to Athens. Alexandra Sakellos was intrigued, as “the cruise was a terrific experience that really took me off the map. I knew we were somewhere in Greece, but geographically I was unsure where. I also had a chance to unplug from technology and connect with friends.”

And a day with friends it was. Laughter could constantly be heard, despite the music to which participants were always dancing to. As one would imagine, it didn’t take long for Greek music to play. Everyone got out of the sea and joined in the middle of the deck, to dance to their hearts’ content. David Lilla absolutely loved the energy on board. “The most exciting part of the day was being able to dance with friends while on the boat. We had an awesome mix of both Greek and American pop/traditional music. It was like being at a club on the sea!”

The cruise thrilled everyone. The beautiful location and good company created a friendly atmosphere that no one wanted to leave.

Sophia Heller was enthralled. “The cruise was purely magical. The waters were turquoise and crystal clear. The boats were perfect for dancing; we even did some Greek dancing before lunch. The food was refreshing and grilled on deck, and everywhere we looked was a perfect view. I couldn’t ask for more.”

Returning in the evening, everyone was content. It was a beautiful day, spent at a beautiful location with beautiful people.

Join us tomorrow as we visit the ancient Agora in the center of Athens for an exclusive tour by Dr. John Camp, Director of the excavation, and the American School of Classical Studies.


Sailing in the beautiful Aegean. What more could you ask for.


Participants at the island of Fleves, enjoying the beautiful sea.


The blue and white are deeply Greek colors.

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