The Gem of Athens

We have reached the final day of activities and no one can believe how time has flown so quickly. Rooms were inspected, and the participants were left free time to explore Athens or visit relatives.

The best was saved for last though. In the afternoon, the group visited the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centerin Kallithea. A gem of southern Athens, it was built to be a cultural and community hub, housing the National Orchestra and the National Library, while also being an environmental park. It truly is a sight to see, breathing new life in to Athens.

What the participants saw astounded them. Taking place at the time of their visit was the Nostos Festival, which “encapsulates the idea of “nostos” (homecoming), the inexhaustible desire to return to all things familiar; familiar emotions and places, which have helped shape us and make us nostalgic. The SNFestival is an open and welcoming festival, with programming that encourages the peaceful coexistence of all people, welcoming everyone, both individually and collectively.”

Participants were left to wander and explore the foundation’s grounds, partaking in activities, or simply enjoying the view of Athens and the bay of Faliro with friends. The day was beautiful, as the sun graciously warmed everyone’s heart. But, as it was time to leave, a summer μπουρίνι (bourini, a very abrupt change of weather, usually accompanied by rain and thunderstorms) hit, leaving the participants in awe at the raging thunderstorm!

Sheltered by the foundation, the participants waited the storm out, and headed to a fantastic dinner with friends – no… now family, as they rejoiced in each other’s company, leaving lasting memories behind.

Blog editor and photographer: James (Dimitris) Voutsas


The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center!


The main stage of Nostos festival.



A summer bourini!

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