Channeling Our Inner Archaeologists…

On Tuesday, the American School of Classical Studies at Athens opened their doors to the Heritage Greece team, inviting HG to experience an insider’s perspective of the innovative work and research being conducted within its state-of-the-art facilities. For the participants who had once hoped to grow up and be archeologists, the afternoon was one to remember!

ASCSA Executive Director George Orfanakos warmly welcomed our group of eager HGers at the beginning of the afternoon and gave the group a brief history of the ASCSA’s campus and the beautiful buildings we were soon to explore. After a welcome address from Director Jenifer Neils, and the screening of an inspiring video describing the school’s history and cutting-edge research, HG 2019 split into groups to be given a first-class tour through many of the school’s impressive research labs, libraries and exhibitions.

ASCSA director Takis Karkanas gave HG a front row seat to see the technology of the archaeological sciences, and narrated how archaeological research is conducted to connect us, and help us to understand the past. Senior Librarian Irini Solomonidi presented the peers and participants with treasures from the rare books collection at the Gennadius Library on campus, and Director Maria Georgopoulou challenged HG to a life-sized puzzle where the map of Greece illustrated the long and trivial history of the Nation’s past. HG students were able to see an exhibition from the beautiful Acropolis Redux exhibition and even get a lesson on the revolutionary work by Heinrich Schliemann.

“Today was a really unique experience at the ASCSA,” reflected Lilly Kahris, HG 2019 participant “I particularly enjoyed the rare book room and the archives, and getting to see all the history within the pages. It was awesome getting an insider’s experience that I know I wouldn’t be able to have otherwise.”

After an afternoon filled with riveting insider tours, bones, original journals and rare books, a beautiful lunch of was shared of Greek pastitsio, a perfect end to an awesome afternoon! The opportunity to have been given a sneak peek into one of the world’s leading institutions of classical studies, and the generosity of the faculty and directors of the ASCSA was truly special and deeply appreciated. Heritage Greece would like to send our warm gratitude to the ASCSA for their kindness and hospitality!

The afternoon was far from over as the next stop was to the Acropolis museum, where we were given a guided tour through the three levels of history depicting Greece’s most famous monument. “It was really cool to go to the Acropolis museum and get to see all of the architecture up close,” said HG participant Labis Koussoulis. “Being able to take a look at the beautiful artifacts that Greece has to offer, and then being able to take that experience going into tomorrow when we get to visit the Acropolis in person, and see how the structure still stands and is preserved is a really beautiful experience.”

The HG family ended the long day filled with archaeological wonders with a wonderful Greek meal in Monistiraki complete with yummy food, laughter and some Greek dancing! OPA!

The Heritage Greece group is warmly welcomed to the campus of The American School of Classical Studies in Athens. (Photo credit: George Orfanakos, ASCSA Executive Director)

HG 2019 having fun and looking good in between the pillars at the ASCSA! Special thanks to George Orfanakos , ASCSA Executive Director, for the great photos!

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