Take me to the Temple!

It was another full day for the Heritage Greece participants as the group split up to divide and conquer two of the most iconic sites of antiquity in Greece: The Acropolis and the Temple of Poseidon. While one group got an extra early start to beat the heat in Athens, group two was off to a later start for an afternoon swimming and seeing the untouched beauty of Cape Sounion and the ancient Temple of Poseidon.

The Ancient Acropolis of Athens is the crowned jewel of Greece and is a symbol for the historic contributions and innovations the Ancient Greeks introduced to the modern world. The participants were full of anticipation and excitement to experience the beauty of the most famous and visited monument in the world, and to see Athens from a new perspective.

“Climbing up to the Acropolis as the sun was still rising was a rich and beautiful experience,” reflected participant Nicole Godellas. “We were able to see the city of Athens from a unique perspective and learn about the extensive history of one of the oldest monuments!”

Seeing the beauty of the Parthenon – a moment that HG 2019 will never forget!

For many participants, seeing the Parthenon in person has been a distant dream and a cultural calling for as long as they could remember– it was a special afternoon spent basking in the historical glory of Greece!

After the Acropolis, the participants headed back to campus for another Greek language class and a demonstration by the ACG peers on the making of traditional Greek coffee. The peers enjoyed getting to show their new Greek-North American friends the art and technique of creating the perfect cup of “ελληνικός καφές!’

As one group of HGers were reveling in the beauty of the Acropolis, another group of participants were headed to Cape Sounion, the southernmost tip of the Attica Peninsula, where the sky means the Aegean Sea. Situated atop a hill overlooking the Cape, The Temple of Poseidon is one of the picturesque structures from times of Antiquity. The participants spent the day uncovering the mythological stories behind Poseidon’s Temple and soaking in the unparalleled views. After a tour of the ruins, the participants swam in the deep blue waters below the temple, looking up at the incredible history from above. It was an afternoon to be remembered for a lifetime, and was topped off with a traditional Greek meal accompanied by the stunning scenery of Cape Sounion.

Heritage Greece group #2 poses with the majestic Temple of Poseidon.

Participant Marika Maggos had the afternoon of a lifetime: “The Temple of Poseidon overlooking the beautiful sea took my breath away today! I was able to understand and appreciate how Greece’s history, artifacts, and scenery intertwine to make a complete story that will continue to be preserved for generations to experience what I experienced!”

Both groups met together once again on campus to learn about the art of Greek cuisine from one of the best in the business: Greek-American celebrity chef Diane Kochilas! The participants were given a private presentation on perfecting the famous Greek salad, a classic dish that is unique in its ingredients depending on the region of Greece it comes from. The HG family sends their deepest gratitude to Diane for sharing her evening and beautiful talent with the Heritage family! For more about Diane and her work, check out her website at https://www.dianekochilas.com/ !

Professional Greek-American chef Diane Kochilas prepared beautiful traditional Greek salads for the Heritage Greece particpants.

A Greek dinner topped of a great day for HG with more laughs and memories made. The Heritage Greece family knows that the end of every great day comes with a great meal shared by great friends…

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