Book by Artemis Papadaki

Since graduating from PIERCE in ‘79, Artemis Papadaki, has dedicated herself to the world of science and music.

She studied biology with a specialization in ecology at the University of Athens, and at the same time received diplomas in piano, flute, recorder, and theory. Ms. Papadaki continued her studies, gaining a Master in Arts & Heritage Management, followed by a PhD in Musicology, and a specialization in Old Music.

Her recent publication “Contribution to the Study & Research of Contemporary ‘Logias’ Music of 20th Century Greece” examines contemporary works which were forgotten with the passing of time. These remnants of Greece’s past remained unearthed in ERT’s Library of Music Ensembles, until Artemis Papadaki convinced those in charge of the need to organize and catalog the findings, and the cultural value of having a complete and scientifically compiled archive of this work.

The purpose of the book is threefold, as it showcases this significant body of work but also brings it into the present musical world, opening a dialogue between Greek composers. Her book also presents the discourse between the data discovered and that of previous existing sources, offering in this way a complete representation of the landscape of Greek classical ‘Logia’ music during the 20th century.

The design on the cover of the book is by PIERCE ’79 alumna Aemilia Papaphilippou, a visual artist and close friend of the author since their time together in school.

An interview of Artemis Papadaki can be found here (GR).


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