Breathe In, Breathe Out, & Simplify; 2015 Mind Body Spirit Fest

The Mind Body Spirit Fest has become a highly anticipated annual event of DEREE’s campus life, for students and faculty alike. A chance to clear the mind and breathe a bit more easily, to lessen the load we each carry and open up to a different way of living.

The week-long festival, offers a plethora of workshops and sessions to encourage wellness of the mind body and spirit, each time centered on a different theme.

This year, the festival was held November 2-6, and ran with the theme of SIMPLIFY. It explored the practices of Massage, Breathing Techniques, and Pranic Healing. We were lucky to be joined this year by DEREE 97’ alumna Christiana Tzortzi, with almost a decade of professional experience in Yoga Therapy.

Participants also had the chance to embrace ways in which they can simplify and enrich life, by attending workshops on Gardening, Herbs & Spices, Making Laundry Soap, cooking demonstrations for Simple & Healthy Desserts, Walking and many others.

The festival is organized annually by the ACG Health & Wellness Center and the workshops and sessions are aimed at promoting alternative, sustainable, and holistic methods. These techniques are designed to be beneficial for people who wish to improve their everyday life.