Fairytales & Storytelling: The First TEDx for Kids in Greece

Making its grand opening this winter at DEREE, is the first Greek non-profit TEDx initiative for children. TEDx is the independently organized tangent of the global TED community, which among other things, explores how issues such as technology, human rights and science can affect us personally and globally.

TEDxKids@Ilissos aims to be a dynamic platform for the exchange of meaningful ideas and experiences, in any issues that revolve around children.

Running with the theme of “Once Upon a Time”, this group of young organizers, promises to deliver a festive event, with scenery, chocolates and plenty of laughter. What this TEDx event has though, that no others do, is the added ingredient of children’s powerful imagination with which the event can transform from a talk, to a magical journey of fairytales and storytelling.

The first TedxKids event in Greece, is a wonderful excuse to come back and visit your old campus, show your children where you once learned, and share with them some stories of your own. Bring your little ones on Saturday, December 12, at the PIERCE Theater from 10:00 – 18:00.

For more information, please visit the TEDxKids@Ilissos website.