Ministry of Education Awards PIERCE Teachers

The Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs invited academics to take part in their initiative titled “Preparation and Submission of Digital Teaching Scenarios by Teachers.”

Following an evaluation process, the digital teaching scenarios prepared and submitted by 7 teachers from PIERCE were selected as optimal examples. The following academics were awarded at a ceremony held by the Ministry on November 3:

Emmanuela Dimitroulaki – Mathematics
Georgios Efthimiou – Chemistry
Aggeliki Kechagia – History
Athena Panagiotopoulou – History
Alexandra Psaltidou – Information Technology
Evangelos Stamateris – Biology
Athena Stavraki – Information Technology

PIERCE teacher Spiros Doukakis was also chosen to take part in the project as an expert-scientist in the disciplines of Mathematics and Information Technology. He developed 6 sample scenarios and carried out research on methodology specialization, while he also contributed to the development of certain specifications and to the overall process of selection for teaching scenarios of Mathematics and I.T.

Both the evaluation’s results and the participation of our teachers in this initiative accentuate the high quality of teaching we provide our students with, as well as our continuous effort to make optimal practices available to the wider educational community. The 13 scenarios are already posted on the electronic platform Aesop which is available to teachers, students and their families.

Overall, approximately 4.1% of all the scenarios developed in the educational levels of the Gymnasium (secondary school) and Lyceum (high school) for the platform, have been developed by teachers of PIERCE. This figure is the largest school participation rate in Greece.

Congratulations to our stellar teachers, for their incredible contribution to the educational community of Greece!