Alumni on the Move

Vicky Charitou & Ariadne Lada

Alumnae Vicky Charitou and Ariadne Lada both graduated from Deree in 1996. Vicky and Ariadne have been working together, joining forces in NGO PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center (BCC), an entrepreneurial hub offering business consulting & coaching to small and medium sized businesses, since April 2014. Recently, both of our graduates have taken up leadership positions, with Ariadne moving from Business Coach & Organizational Development Consultant, to her new position as Program Manager of Strategy & Communications. Vicky on the other hand, began at BCC as a Business Coach and OD Consultant and recently became Program Manager of Strategy & Resources.

Vicky, received a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Marketing Management and furthered her studies in Reading University, with a Masters in International Banking and Financial Services, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Executive Coaching and Organizational Development Consulting. In her career so far, Vicky has worked in a plethora of roles including that of a supervisor, manager, consultant, trainer, and copywriter. Banking over 17 years of experience in a multinational and highly competitive financial environment, she has worked in Eurobank, HSBC, and currently writes for ForestView, while also consulting for Clayton and Deloitte. In her free time, Vicky volunteers her coaching and consulting expertise.

Ariadne, after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, has held numerous consulting and managerial positions in Human Resources, Development, and Sales, in Egnatia Bank, ING Commercial Finance, Ashland Hellas, and Amgen Hellas, while she is also the owner of humanart, specializing in leadership and transformational coaching. She has also received training in Cognitive Behavioral Coaching from the Hellenic Institute of RECBT, as well as an advanced diploma in coaching training, executive coaching, and organizational development consulting. Ariadne is currently a member of the BOD with the Hellenic Coaching Association, in the role of Marketing & Communications Director. In her free time, Ariadne volunteers as a mentor at Women On Top, and her passions include traveling, creative writing, and the theater.

Abe Fornis

abe fornis

After graduating from Pierce in 2003, Abe Fornis went on to study at the University of Piraeus, earning a Bachelor of Science in Banking and Financial Management, and then attended the prestigious Harvard Business School, where he was awarded an MBA in 2014, at which time he also spent a few months interning at the Global Leadership Development Program in Mergers & Acquisitions.

In between his degrees, Abe worked at the global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company as a business analyst. Returning home to Athens, Abe took on an associate position at McKinsey & Company for a year before a recent career move to join the Coca-Cola Company in the exciting position of ‪Strategy Manager South East Europe.