Heritage Greece: Bringing Greek-Americans Back “Home”

Over the past six years, Deree has collaborated with the National Hellenic Society (NHS) to give Greek-American students the opportunity to visit their motherland – often for the first time in their life – through the educational and cultural program, Heritage Greece.

This year, 50 undergraduate students from all over the US, visited Greece to reclaim their heritage. For 15 fun-packed days, the students dove right into Greek culture: picking fresh fruit at the local laiki (farmer’s market); learning Greek dancing and cooking; having lunch in Plaka, and dinner at the Benaki Museum. But they also had the chance to visit the Parthenon and the Acropolis Museum, Delphi, and the temple of Poseidon in Sounio, among many other trips.

The group also spent several days on the island of Crete: exploring majestic Knossos; dinner at the scenic old port of Chania; soaking up sun on the gorgeous Elafonissi Beach; touring the Manoussakis Winery and local monasteries…

Heritage Greece is an unforgettable journey, designed to help students connect with their Greek roots through a culturally immersive experience. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for them to explore their Greek heritage, culture, and identity, in the company of their Greek peers. Students learn language skills within the context of modern Greece and travel to important archaeological locations which, coupled with island trips and many other fun activities, helps them finally form a true bond with their ancestors, their roots, and their heritage.

Heritage Greece: Bringing Greek-Americans Back “Home”

Have a read-through of the students’ blog for a fresh perspective on all that Greece has to offer.

More information on the Heritage Greece Program can be found here.