Pierce Class of 1987 Reunion

In 30 years, many things have changed, but not the love the Pierce alumnae of 1987 had for each other and their school.

“It was our school; a start. An attempt to get as many things as we could, without then understanding how useful they would be later on,’ said Eleni Pipitsouli, (P’87) “Thankfully though, as time passed, we understood it all and that is [now] a part of us; it’s really important and we will always have it with us, no matter where we go.”

On October 16, 2017, the class of ’87 met and all that could be heard in the Pierce Theatre lobby was a lull of talk and laughter. Many had not seen each other in years, so they took the chance to catch up on news and reminisce of the past. They also had the chance to fill in their name on a canvas depicting a tree, in place of the leaves and fruits, a graceful donation of alumna Ms. Tania Dimitrakopoulou (P’87).

Warm welcome remarks were addressed by Ms. Maria Laina, Mr. Eric Trujillo, the new principal of Pierce, Ms. Panaitsa Daliani, one of their favorite professors, as well as their classmate Ms. Christina Economou (P’87).

During the Reunion, a lottery took place in the spirit of the school’s motto “non ministrari, sed ministrare”, the proceeds of which went to the General Pierce Scholarship Fund, with the valuable support of (P’87) alumna, Ms. Haris Papadopoulou, (P’87).

“I felt touched,” said alumna Ms. Mari Faki (P’87),” I went to the old classrooms where we took pictures with my classmates, we joked around, and it struck me that all of them were so friendly with me. I was especially impressed that some of my teachers remembered me.”

Lara Grigoropoulou (P’87) concluded, “[Pierce is a lot of things]. It’s a mixture; like a rainbow that has all the shades of memories, emotions, knowledge and experiences.”

School years truly are something to cherish and hold dearly. For the alumnae of 1987, their friendships and school will always be close to their heart.

Pierce Class of 1987 - October 16th, 2017