Bon Voyage!

Sadly, it was the final day at the island. But that didn’t put spirits down.

For many, the day started with a beautiful liturgy at the local chapel in Batsi. Alexandra Sakelos was blissful. “It was very serene. Hearing the bells pierce through the air made everything special and wasn’t anything I had seen in the States before.”

Others, spent their time exploring every nook and cranny of Batsi. They all ended up at the beach though, where they had a light lunch and a beach party!

At six, it was time to depart this lovely island, which for three days filled everyone’s heart with happiness, content and peace. The departure was bittersweet, as no one wanted to leave this small paradise. Alexandra was adamant about this. “The culture of Andros was very relaxed and everybody was just enjoying life and their surroundings, connecting to the moment. Simply put, I don’t want to leave!”

The participants, having experienced another side of Greece, one which does not involve the hectic lifestyle of Athens, talked highly of Andros. Sophia Heller was such a person. “I think that Andros was different from Athens because Athens is very much a city, whereas Andros has a certain type of island magic that feels both timeless and calming. The capital of the island was less industrial than Athens, and the buildings themselves were colorful and welcoming. I found it interesting that more people on Andros immediately started speaking to me in English than in Athens, probably because more tourists visit the island shops than those in Athens. I also found it interesting that the food was of similar style and quality at both locations. Although it was enjoyable to Greek dance in Athens, it felt more natural and rewarding to Greek dance in the streets of Andros, and it was a night that I will never forget.”

Travelling in to the sunset, the first week of Heritage Greece came to a close. Stay tuned for the second, exciting week!

Blog editor and photographer: James (Dimitris) Voutsas


Beach Party!


The participants’ last mpanio at Andros!


As the first week comes to a close, a second week filled with activities is on the horizon!

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