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The active engagement, enthusiasm, and support of ACG alumni are integral to shaping and realizing ACG’s vision and goals. The following represents a few ways alumni can be involved:

Alumni Interns

The brightest of our students, have been selected by international corporations to serve in various internship positions worldwide. Upon graduation, they belong to this alumni group and voluntarily serve ACG in multiple ways.

Alumni Lecturers

Would you like to share your career knowledge and life experiences with eager PIERCE and DEREE students? We are creating a pool of guest speakers who are established professionals in their field and are willing to visit the classroom and serve as guest lecturers, helping students prepare for the working world.
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Alumni Scholarship Recipients

Many alumni have received scholarships during their studies at PIERCE and DEREE. We are planning opportunities for ACG alumni who have received scholarships to return to the College, to be recognized and to meet with current student and donors.
To learn more about ACG scholarships please click here.

Volunteer Alumni Leaders (VAL)

Voluntarily support ACG and the Office of Development & Alumni Relations in spreading the word about our institution, in engaging alumni in networking events in Greece and abroad and in cultivating a culture of philanthropy among the ACG community and society at large.

The ACG Alumni Association

A separate legal entity established in 1928 under Greek law and is comprised of members who are PIERCE and DEREE alumni and pay an annual subscription fee. Please note that the Association operates independently of the American College of Greece under its own constitution, and does not represent the College or the ACG Office of Development & Alumni Relations. Moreover, the funds raised by the Alumni Association are managed and controlled by the Alumni Association and serve the purposes stated in their constitution. The Alumni Association contributes some of its funds to the ACG scholarship fund, helping students to study at ACG. While the ACG Office of Development & Alumni Relations and the ACG Alumni Association share common ACG-related interests and objectives, they are separate independent entities.





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