New Novel by Sissy Theofanopoulou D ‘02

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Alumna Sissy Theofanopoulou recently published her latest novel, Γυναίκες Θάλασσες (Women Like Seas) with Livanis Publications.

Sissy studied at Deree with a merit scholarship and graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor in Marketing. She continued her studies in the field with a postgraduate diploma from the University of Leicester. She currently works in a multinational company as Corporate Marketing Coordinator, and has extensive experience in digital marketing and brand storytelling. Sissy is also a television ad copywriter and has previously published work, including the novel Αν Ήμουν Τραγούδι (If I was a Song) and two children’s books.

Her new novel, Γυναίκες Θάλασσες, tells the moving story of three women. It is a tale filled with plot-twists and suspense, and has already received excellent reviews from critics.

Γυναίκες Θάλασσες

“An old legend says women are like seas”

Chios 1979. Thalia Melissinou, a poor girl, is a few months away from bringing her illegitimate child into the world, the fruit of her love with Athenian socialite, Orestis Agorianos. He will never know. She will raise her child with hardships and struggles, but always with a guardian angel by her side.

Nisyros, 2012. Poseidon Melissinos, a successful architect, will meet Aphrodite, a woman intrinsically linked to his past.

Syros, 2013. Prosecutor Argyris Themelis, in love with Katerina who is a married but abused woman, will take it upon himself to shed light on a double crime that happened in Nisyros about a year and half ago…

Three islands, three women, three buried secrets; of love, of hate, and of destiny.

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