PIERCE Student Awarded the Harvard Prize Book Award

PIERCE high-school student Basil Benopoulos recently traveled to Boston, US, to receive the Harvard Prize Book Award!

The ceremony was held by the Harvard Club of Boston, in honor of students who were awarded in the past year. The Harvard Prize Book Award is given to high school students who have proven academic excellence, shown incredible ethos, and have contributed to many areas of school life, showing a multi-faceted and well-rounded personality.

PIERCE is the first school in Greece to have received this award, with the prize and name of the student having been proposed and approved by Harvard University. Basil was among 1,500 students from all across the globe who were awarded by the historic establishment.

The student attended the award ceremony in the company of ACG President Dr. David G. Horner, and his wife S. Sue Horner in the grand room of the Harvard Club.

Basil said, “It is an honor for me to be receiving this award, and I am deeply grateful to my school and to the President and his wife, Sue Horner. I am proud to be a member of the PIERCE community, and I owe who I am not only to my family, but also to the stimulating and nurturing environment of PIERCE, which has helped me develop my skills and interests and reach my full potential.

ACG is proud, and congratulates Basil on his accomplishments. PIERCE will always aim to offer talented young students the opportunity to make their dreams a reality, by providing them with an all-encompassing education, personal and academic advancement, and the ability to meaningfully contribute to their country, and society as a whole.