Your Deree, Your Alumni Stories!

To wrap up a full year, we invited five Deree graduates back on campus! They shared their favorite memories from their student life, talked about how their studies helped them, and how they accomplished their dreams. These are their stories:

Irena Lygerou

Irena’s choice to study at Deree helped shape her into who she is today. Her involvement in almost all of the activities that Deree has to offer, coupled with studying in an international environment, helped her become even more sociable and open-minded. Since her graduation in 2013, she has been working at Mattel Inc. as a Brand Manager for Emerging Markets where she has the incredible opportunity to be working with over 30 markets across the globe!

Dimitris Toubis

Dimitris was one of the first students to study Communication at Deree, a choice that was fueled by his passion to meet and connect with new people throughout his travels. During his years as a student, he not only pursued his love of communication, but as member of the Deree Photography Club, he was able to further nurture his other great passion, to capture memories and chronicle events. Today, he is Marketing Manager at ActionAid Hellas where he leverages the power of team work to help build a brighter future for children in need worldwide.

Tasos Katechis

Tasos graduated in 2003 and, to this day, carries with him all that Deree taught him. He grew up wanting to be a crazy scientist so that he can make a positive contribution to the world, and though the crazy scientist thing didn’t pan out, he found another way to turn ideas and arguments into action! Tasos now works in the Private Sector Partnerships of the UN Refugee Agency, building a better world for all, one day at a time.

Amalia Charikiopoulou

Due to her artistic curiosity and love of learning, Amalia chose to combine the study of philosophy with the arts, leading her to explore worlds that are different from those we often perceive. Her ability to bring her visualizations to life helped her create the project AMORGOS Art Residency, with the vision of bringing together contemporary visual artists from Greece and abroad in a residency program for exploring the cultural and natural heritage of the island of Amorgos.

Pavlos Nomikos

Pavlos graduated in 1994 and works as a Digital Strategist, the core ingredients of which he tells us are technology, human behavior, and entrepreneurship. At Deree, he had the opportunity to broaden his knowledge of these elements, through the General Education program through which he took several courses in the humanities, as well as technology, and entrepreneurship. Of his time at Deree, Pavlos says that his involvement in student life not only helped him develop his character, but also helped him form life-long friendships and collaborations.