Access your E-Textbook

  • Access your Bb course menu and click on the eTextbook content area.
  • The eTextbook page appears with the link to your eTextbook. Click on the title of the eTextbook to open it.


  • You will receive the Acknowledgement message. This page informs you about the fee that will be charged if the e-Textbook is launched. Keep in mind that this message concerns only the students. If you wish, select the Do not show me this message again, and proceed by clicking Launch.
  • Now, you have entered the Bookshelf by VitalSource environment. In order to activate your eTextbook for your students and you will get a Complimentary eTextbook message. Click Continue

Coplimentary eTextbook

  • This is the eTextbook environment:


If you click the Library button library border in your eTextbook page, you will open the Library page of Bookshelf and from there, you are able to manage your sharing settings and Highlighters and view/edit your VS user account.

  • Click the admin icon in order to access your Account Info, Devices or Resources (not included in all textbooks) that are included with your eTextbook through the VitalSource Account Center.


Inside your VS Bookshelf user account

Click the Open Bookshelf link at Blackboard Learn to view and manage all adopted eTextbooks.

In each book card there are some options including content search and e-book details.

With Bookshelf you can search both books in your library and the e-book content.

You can always access the quick tips from the icon in the bottom bar of the page.

To refresh your eTextbook Library, click on Tools and then, select Update Library. All your adopted eTextbooks will appear in this page.


Click on an adopted eTextbook to read it. Click on any link from the Table of Contents to your left to reveal the chapter contents. Use the scroll bar to navigate the through the pages or type the exact number of the page you wish to visit located at the bottom left of the page.


On the bottom left there is also a Bookmark option for you if you want to use.

vs bookmark border

Make highlighted text available to students

  • Visit your Blackboard Learn course.
  • Click on the eTextbook you want to access.
  • Once you are inside the eTextbook, click the Library button at the top-left of the screen.HoghlightandSharing
  • Click on Tools and then select Highlighters.
  • There are three highlighters by default. You can create another one if you wish by pressing the Add Highlighter button and entering the appropriate information and choose its color.

highlight border

  • To make your highlighted text available to students, you have to select each highlighter and then change the privacy option to Public. Click Save in each highlighter for your changes to take effect.

highlighter 2 border

  • To Delete a highlighter click on Remove.

highlighter 3 border


To see highlighted text made by students, you have to subscribe to them.

  • Click on the Library buttonHoghlightandSharing
  • Click the Tools button at the top-right of your screen.
  • Click the Sharing button, in order for the pop-up window to open.


  • Once inside the window, select the I’m following tab or select the My Followers tab.
  • If you select the I’m Following tab, then you will be needed to enter the email of the student in order to see their shared highlighters.
  • Then click Add.

sharing border

  • If you select the My Followers tab, then a link will be there for you to send to others to add them as followers and anyone who clicks the link will be able to see all of your public highlighters
  • Repeat this process to include as many students as you want.

sharing 2 border



You can use the notebook tool to search for highlighters or notes inside the e-textbook.

notebook bordernotebook2 border

The Search field offers you the option to search for specific highlights or notes.

The notebook provides two drop-down menus for managing your Sharing/Highlighters and the other one is Created By, View, Sorted By,View by Chapter and View by Highlighter .

On the Created By option, you can select to present highlights depending on the user that created them by selecting one of the three options.

The View option, allows the user to select which note(s)/highlighter(s) are shown below.
You can select the “Highlights and Notes” option which is selected by default or select the “Highlights” or “Notes” option to present only the highlights or the notes of the eTextbook.

The Sorted By option, allows the user to reorder the note(s)/highlighter(s). The default option is the “Book Order (First to Last)“, but you can change it.

The View by Chapter offers you the option to view your highlights and notes by Chapter.

The View by Highlighter option, offers you the ability to view the highlights you want.

notebook3 border

You have the ability to manage your highlighters and your sharing through the Notebook option.

notebook4 border

You can also read your notes and highlights by using Microsoft OneNote integration with Bookshelf Online.

notebook5 border

Microsoft OneNote with Bookshelf Online enables students to access notes and highlights within Microsoft OneNote.

Use this feature to annotate notes created in Bookshelf and class for studying on the go.

First, open an e-textbook that you have notes and highlights added.

notebook6 border

Then, click on the Notebook icon to access your highlighted material and notes.

As soon as you access your notebook click on the OneNote icon in the upper right-hand corner.

You can sign in with your college email account to access OneNote.


Then allow OneNote to access your info by clicking “Accept”,

use the check boxes to select the content you wish to send to OneNote and click Preview.



Review Mode

Review Mode

Review Mode is a tool  made to permit students a concentrated approach to study about subscribed and individual notes as well as highlights.

  • In order to access this tool you will need to select the Notebook button on your bottom left and then on the bottom of the Notebook section you will press the Launch Review Mode button.

  • After you press the button, a window will pop up in which you can customize your review.
  • On the top left of the window you can see which of the notes or highlights belong to you and which are shared.
  • On the top right of the window you have the option to select all of your notes or highlights to review them or you can deselect them and manually enter the ones you wish.
  • In order to add a highlight you just check the box on the right of the highlight.

review6 border


  • If you wish to customize your review further you can click on the bottom left of the window
    the More Options button where you have the ability to choose highlighters you want to
    include in your review as well as some other features.
  • If you want to apply the settings of Review highlights with notes only and Random Order just click on the area as shown below one time and then apply.

review8 border

  • After you have finished with your customization click Start Review.
  • Inside your customized review you can see on the left the page of the book that the highlight is and on the right your highlight.
  • On the top left there is the Exit button. Whenever you would like to exit from your review press that button.
  • On your top right is your progress during your review.
  • On the bottom right there are the Previous and Next buttons where you can forward or backward the pages.

review 4 border

  •  When you finish you can repeat the review or exit the review mode.

review 5 border

Assignment Creator

Assignment Creator

The Assignment Creator offers you the ability to create an assignment with specific readings from the book you choose.

  • In order to create an Assignment click on the Library button    
  • Click on Tools on the top-right and then select Assignment Creator.HoghlightandSharing
  • First thing is to click on Get Started










  • Choose the book that you would like to create your assignment.
  • You can either go back by pressing the arrow on the top left or you can exit by pressing the x on the top right.










  • When you choose the book you want to create your assignment, you can then start your assignment.

  • First of all, choose the name of your assignment
  • After that, you have 4 options to enter readings in your assignment:
  1. Contents: You can enter a whole chapter in your assignment.vs assignment5 border
  2. Easy TOC: Select chapters from the Table of Contents to auto-create readings by chapter.
  3. Start-End: You can use a pin that will snap on the beginning or the end of the paragraph.vs assignment6 border
  4. Page Range: You can choose a specific page number to enter in your assignment7 border
  • To minimize your assignment, you can press the dash on the top right.
  • You will then see that your assignment has been minimized on your bottom left.
  • To go back to your assignment just press the Back to Assignment button.

  • Once you entered all the readings that you wanted, you can see under the Readings all the content that the Assignment will have.
  • When you are ready just press Done on the bottom right.

  • And you are ready.
  • You can then copy the link of the Assignment and send it to others, preview the Assignment or edit it.

vs assignment9 border


  • In case you want to see all your Assignments just press the button on the bottom that says Go to All Assignments.
  • Once you are in, you can see all of your created assignments and if you want you can create a new assignment  in the specific book by clicking on Add Assignment or you can create a new one on a different book by clicking on Create New.

assignment3 border

  • If you click on the 3 dots next to the date that the assignment was created, a drop-down list will expand with some extra options.

assignment border


  • When you expand this list you have the option to Copy Link which means that you can copy the link of the assignment in order to send it to someone else.
  • You can Preview the assignment in order to see how it looks like.
  • You can Edit your assignment in case you want to add or remove something.
  • The last option is Delete in order to delete the assignment you have created.

assignment 2 border

  WARNING: Whoever wants to access a specific assignment, he/she will need to have access to the specific book that the Assignment has been created. Otherwise, there will be a pop-up window that will say you do not have access to this book.

QANotesFromOtherBook border



Click Labs icon to open labs.

Labs are features in progress. Based on your feedback these features may evolve, graduate to being a new feature in Bookshelf, or drop out of labs.



Figures and their description are already exist in each book. Now you can see every chapter and the number of figures that are already allocated.

Then click a chapter to see all the figures that contains. You can always set the order of the book figures depending on which page they show up in the book.


When you click a figure, you can see the specific image with its detailed description.
You have the ability to zoom in or out.



Flashcards are note cards with a title or a question on one side, and the corresponding text on the other.
There are two ways to start a flashcard. First you must create a deck.
On the reader mode, you can simply select text and after clicking that selection, you can see all the available choices. Go to Create Flashcard, enter the name of the deck and click Create. The new flashcards will be created after you click Save when you fill in the other side of the card. You cannot leave one side blank.

From the menu tab on the left side of the page, click Flashcard icon and click Add Flashcard button to create a new deck. Type the name of the deck and click Save. Then click on the deck that just created to add a flashcard. When you fill in the front and the back of the card, click Save to finish the flashcard.

On the deck menu you have some specific options.
You can open, play, edit, duplicate or delete each deck.

On the flashcard menu you can edit or delete each flashcard. You can flip it just by clicking it. On the top of the menu you can choose to play the cards or to add a new one. You can also choose the view of the menu by confidence criteria.

When you click to play a deck, you see that your cards are separated at 2 folders, your weak cards and all the cards. Whichever you click, you play the cards that it contains. You have the ability to click I Don’t know it or I Know it button.

When you finish the cards, the cards that you don’t know go to the weak folder. You have the options to Repeat, Shuffle or Reset the deck. If you don’t want any of them click Done.

A review page with your results will show up. Click Back to Book to return at the book main page.