Assessments & Grading

You can provide tests, surveys, and assignments in content areas, learning modules, lesson plans, or folders. You can create a new test, survey, assignment or link to an existing one.

Assessment Type Description
Test You can create tests to assess student knowledge. Numerous question types are available, including Multiple Choice, True/False, Matching, Calculated, and Essay. You assign point values to the questions as you create them. The majority of questions are auto-graded. After students submit their answers for grading, the results are recorded in the Grade Center. Students can find out their scores immediately after completing it if all questions are auto-graded and you release this information.
Survey Surveys are ungraded tests. You can use surveys to poll student opinion and conduct class evaluations. Survey results are anonymous, but you can see whether a student has completed a survey and view aggregate results for each survey question. Survey creation and deployment is almost identical to test creation, except for:

  • Survey creation settings do not include options for assigning scoring defaults because survey questions are not graded.
  • When you add questions, you do not specify which answers are correct.
  • You cannot add random blocks of questions to surveys.
Assignment You can use assignments to present a variety of learning activities to students which they can view and submit from one location. Students can submit assignments as:

  • Text that students include on the Upload Assignment page.
  • Attached files.
  • A combination of both text and attached files.
Self and Peer Assessment The Self and Peer Assessment Building Block is designed to enhance the reflective learning skills of students. Students receive constructive feedback from their peers as well as provide it.