MS Teams – Ultra

MS Teams – Ultra

MS Teams is now integrated into Blackboard Learn. This application allows instructors to create a Teams meeting and share it with their students. The meeting launches directly within each course.

To use MS Teams you will need to sync your course with it. To do so, click on the last button at the left side of the menu that says “MS Teams: Enable MS Teams”. After clicking it you will be directed to another page to sync your course with Teams. You will not have to do anything else except click the button on the page for the synchronization. The system will do all the work for you. When clicking the button the page of MS Teams will automatically close to do the sync.

You will understand if it is ready when below the “MS Teams” name it says ” Open Microsoft Teams”. There are two options to open your classes or your meetings. Select the option “Open Microsoft Teams classes”.

Left hand menu to open Microsoft Teams Classes

Select the “Sign In” button. Note: when signing in you should write your ACG email, not your personal one.

If you are given an option select how you’d like to open Microsoft Teams. Choose between your desktop or browser applications.

Select the Course Teams section to launch the web view of Microsoft Teams.

Choose between Upload Class MaterialsSet Up Class Notebook, or Start a Conversation,  among other options to start using your course’s Microsoft Team.