Bb Test Questions Generator

Blackboard Learn allows course instructors to import tests created in text format (i.e. MS Word or Notepad) in the Test tool. The questions of the test should be authored offline in a specially formatted text file and then uploaded into test, surveys and question pools. These questions, can be then edited and authored in the system.

Use a free test generator to turn your test file in a compatible format so as to import it in Blackboard Learn tests. The generator sites mentioned below are not created nor supported by ACG or Blackboard. Keep in mind that they may not be updated by the providers. The links are provided for your information only, thus use them at your own discretion.


Step 1:

Visit the generator:

Oklahoma Christian University

  • Creates editable Tests.
  • It can create Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, True/False, Essay, Fill in the Blank and Matching questions.
  • Click the “click the question mark for detailed instructions” ? icon for detailed instructions on how to use it. Navigate the various tabs to complete the whole process from General Instructions to Upload to Blackboard Test Area/Pool Area.


Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

  • Creates editable Tests.
  • It can create Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, True/False, Essay, Matching and Ordering questions.
  • Check the Instructional Videos (Step 1 and 2).
  • Use Google Chrome for this generator does not work with Mozilla Firefox.
  • Click the Help button and then the Show me an Example button. There you can download the format your file should have.

Follow the general guidelines mentioned below:

  • Don’t add tables.
  • Do not use auto-numbered or auto-lettered lists in your word processor
  • Do not text formatting i.e. not bold. underline e.t.c.
  • Do not include blank lines between records. The blank line will be processed and return an error.

After you have created your file, copy and paste its content in the the generator’s text box and click Generate. Then, click Download to download your file in the correct format for Blackboard test upload.


In case you get an error using the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College test generator you may use alternate Blackboard Learn Test Generators.

Another way to create a file with test questions ready for upload is to follow the instructions provided by Blackboard.

Step 2:

Import your file in your Blackboard course:

  • Visit your Blackboard course and the Control Panel.
  • Click Course Tools > Tests, Surveys and Pools.
  • Click Tests.
  • Click the Build Test button. In the Test Information page fill in the Name field and provide information about the test in the Description textbox and the relevant Instruction in the Instructions text box below.
  • Submit.
  • Click the Upload Questions button
  • Click on Browse to select your generated (.txt) file. In the Points per question field add the value of the test questions. The default is 10.
  • Submit.

The questions are now imported in your Bb test and you are able to edit them separately. More instructions on tests can be found in Tests, Surveys and Pools.