Course Menu – Ultra

Course Menu – Ultra

Various settings such as Folder View, allow you to easily and effectively navigate your course. Click the folder button located at the top-right part of your course menu to reveal a new window with the contents of your course menu with the Folder View.



Customize your course menu

To adjust the course menu according to your teaching needs, RenameHide, and Delete a link, by clicking the small arrow button (contextual menu) and selecting the desired choice.


In case the Content Area is unavailable and “hidden” from students, an icon of a square with a line through appears.
If the Content Area is empty of content a square icon appears.

Click here for more instructions.

Drag and drop a menu item from the double arrow button showing up when you roll over with your mouse pointer to change its position in the course menu.

How to add a menu item

To add a new area, click on the plus “+” button located at the top-left part of the course menu.


Below find the areas available to be used in forming the course menu. Click on the titles to display their content.