Accessing your course

Blackboard Learn courses are created approximately 10 days before the first day of classes for each semester, term or session and faculty is enrolled.

Once the late registration is over, the running courses are updated with faculty and student enrollments.

In case there is a need to work ahead, you can use the Working Template container that exists in all faculty BB Learn user accounts OR request a preparatory (Prep) container for a specific course. In this case, you are able to use the Course Copy tool to copy the content to your running course. Keep in mind that the Prep course will NOT have student enrollments.

To request the creation or removal of a Prep course container:

Blackboard Environment

Once you log in to BB Learn, you will view two tabs.
The “My Institution” tab and the “Courses” tab. You can access your courses via both tabs.


Via the My Institution tab and the My Courses Module

Under the “My Courses” module and the area “Courses where you are: Instructor”, you will find all the courses you participate as Instructor. Click on the link so as to enter and build the course.

Via the Courses Tab and the Course List Module

In this tab you will find the Course List module and all the courses you participate in as Instructor or Student.

The Course Container is the first thing that you see when you click a course link. On the left side, you will find the course menu which allows you to access the various course sub-areas. To activate an area, click the corresponding button. To be able to add content to your course as an Instructor (Instructor View) make sure that the “Edit Mode” option at the top-right part of your page is “On”. Turn the “Edit Mode” to “Off” for the Student View.

Edit Mode

View your course as a student with the Student Preview Mode

Student PreviewYou can also view the page as a student by clicking the button. After a few seconds, the page will enter into Student Preview Mode. Using this feature you can view, participate and browse the entire course container exactly as a student would.

Keep in mind that a preview user is created every time you use this feature.

Exit the Student Preview Mode

At the top of the page you will see an orange ribbon that clarifies that you are on Student Mode. At the top-right it has two buttons, one of the two is the Settings and the other is the exit button.


When you try to exit Student Preview Mode a pop up window will open, asking whether you want to delete the user and its data or not. It is recommended to select the Delete option, unless you temporarily leaving the student preview to complete a task in your own instructor user account.

You can also change this option from inside the Student Preview Mode by clicking Settings at the top-right of the screen and then select whether to keep or delete the preview user when you exit.

If you don’t want this message to keep pop-up you select the option of “Remember this choice and do not ask me again”