Course Management

When will I see my Bb course(s)?

Blackboard Learn courses, are automatically created approximately 10 days before the first day of classes of each semester/session/term. After late registration, the courses are updated and students are enrolled. In case you don’t see your course, you are able to:

Create a Service Request on the IRM HelpDesk


Make your course(s) 'Available' for the students

When the Bb courses are created are by default set to be “Unavailable” for students. That is, the students are not able to view the Bb course until you set it visible for them.

To make a Bb course available for the students to see follow the steps below:

  • Make sure Edit Mode is ON.
  • Click “Control Panel” > “Customization” > “Properties”.

course management border       

While in the Customization page you can modify your course’s availability.

  • Set Availability: Click Yes to make this course available (visible) to users. If No is selected , users in this course cannot access it. To view a video tutorial on course Availability, click here.

From the main course view , you can now easily see an open or closed padlock icon representing the availability of the course to students and quickly change the availability with one click, saving both time and effort. This new feature can be seen below, next to tools such as Student Preview and the Edit Mode toggle.

  • Set Course Duration: Time user can interact with the course. “Continuous” means course is always available, Select Dates” means the course is available only on specific date and “Days from the Date of Enrollment”  means a time limit is set from the day the student enrolls.
  • Select Language Pack: Select in which language the course will be displayed and click Yes in the Enforce Language Pack if you want to enforce this language and make the users of this course unable to change it.
  • “Submit”: Click Submit to save changes.

cpirse management 2 border

Copy material from one course to another by using the 'Course Copy' tool

With the Course Copy you have the option to copy the contents of one course to another.
Follow the steps below to complete the procedure: 
On the “My Institution” tab of your Blackboard Learn user account or on the “My Courses” module click the course of which the content you wish to copy.
Visit the Control Panel> Packages and Utilities> Course Copy
You can copy courses using the Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course area. In this way the instructor is able to copy the material of one course to another. This procedure does not replace any existing material but it adds in to the already existing content.

At the Select Copy Options click “Browse” so as to select the Destination Course ID (the course you wish the content to be copied to).

After you select the course, you have to select which contents will be copied. Click the “Select All” button to copy all the content or choose the desired content areas, tools or settings.

Tip: Keep in mind that complete course copies are always more successful than partial ones. This is due to the way Blackboard Learn stores its files and various items.



In the File attachments section:

  • Click “Copy links and copies of the content” to copy the links and the relevant files

In the Enrollments section click Include Enrollments in the Copy ONLY if you want to enroll the students to the new course that you created. This option is usually and suggested to be left unchecked.

Finally, click “Submit” to finish the procedure. Wait for a few minutes and visit the destination course so as to see the material copied.


Back up your Bb course with the 'Export/Archive Course'

The Export/Archive Course feature creates a back up file. This .zip file contains the course’s content and tools and can be imported in other courses. In order for the package to work properly one should not modify or extract its contents.

To archive – backup a Bb course follow the below steps:

  • Visit the Control Panel click the “Packages and Utilities” and then choose “Export/Archive Course”.
  • Click “Archive Course”.
  • In the Select Copy Options field the course that you are currently in should be selected
    Click “Include Grade Center History” if you want to include all the data from Grade center .

backup border

In the File attachments section:

  • Click “Calculate Size” to see the size of all the course content that you want to copy in MB.
  • Click “Manage Package Size” to manage the contents that will be added in the package.
    • A page will open showing all the file that will be including in your package.
    • If you want to remove a file or a whole folder from your package simply check its check box to remove it from the package.
    • The file size of your package is displayed on the top-right of the page.
  • After you finish with the file attachments, click “Submit”

manage Package

Finally, click Submit.

After a few minutes, click the “Refresh” button to see the link to the .zip file that is created.

To download it, simply click it and select in the window that will pop up, the location you wish to save it.

You can import this file into a course, by using the Import Package tool, described below.

Import Course Package

To Import the content of your Archive into another container, visit the destination container. Under the Control Panel expand the Packages and Utilities section and click the “Import Package / View Logs” option.

Click the “Import Package” button and the Import Package page shows up.

Here, you select the Archive file you wish to import by clicking the “Browse My Computer” button and choosing the file.

After that, check the materials you want to import (i.e. Content Areas, Announcements and Settings) and click “Submit”.

Wait for a few moments and refresh your container’s page to see the imported material added. Note that the material does not replace but it is added in the existing contents of the container.

Notice: Never upload an Archive Course package that has been edited since it was created and downloaded. Opening the .ZIP file and changing any of the files in the Exported Course package will result in unstable and unpredictable behavior when the Course is imported.

When are the courses removed from Blackboard?

Semester/session/term running courses for Deree Undergraduate studies become “Unavailable” -hidden from students, 15 days after the end of the Re-sit examinations. Instructors though are still able to access and work with the courses. The containers are removed approximately a year after the last day of final examinations (Instructors are always notified via email for the course removal date).

Semester/session running courses for the Graduate School studies are removed approximately after two years of their completion (Instructors are always notified via email for the course removal date).

If you want to remove a prepatory (Prep) course, send an email to Blackboard Administration[email protected]

Grouping the Blackboard Courses

You are able to group your courses by the Term they have been created (i.e. Fall Semester 2015). A term is mainly a label with a date range which will be used to define ACG’s semesters, terms, sessions, e.t.c. It will also be associated with Academic Societies and Student Services. The Terms are used for organization and classification purposes.

To be able to group the courses by Terms, you need to enable the option. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to Blackboard Learn.
  • Visit the “My Courses” module (the gear button) in the My Institution tab or the “Course List” module (the gear button) of the Courses tab.
  • Click the “Manage My Courses Module Settings”.


  • Check the “Group by Term” check box.
  • Remember to click “Submit”.


Reorder Grouped Courses

  • After you successfully group your courses, you can reorder them in any way you want.
  • Click on the gear button at the top-right of the “My Courses” module.
  • While inside the Personalize: My Courses page, drag the double-headed arrow with your cursor in order to rearrange your Groups.Group by Terms
  • After you finish, click the “Submit” button.


To view the contents of a term i.e. Fall Semester 2022, you will click the arrow so as to expand or collapse its contents.


Moreover, when managing a course, there is a list of tools available for the instructor in order to modify and customize the courses and their content. The tools are divided according to their use in eight different categories. You will find them in the Control Panel of the course. To view the details of these categories, click the orange links below:

Tools Description
Files Contains a search function that let you search files and folders and modify content withing the course.
Course Tools A group under the Control Panel that has all available tools that can be added to the course via Content pages.
Evaluation Evaluation provides tools for tracking user performance and activity. In the Evaluation section of Control Panel you can monitor the performance of the students and groups through Course Reports, Performance Dashboard, Retention Center and SCORM Reports. For information please take a look at the drop-down lists.
Grade Center The Grade Center can record data, monitor student progress and communicate information to students, instructors and administrators. It is also a valuable tool for assisting decision making on taking action to promote student and institutional progress.
Users and Groups:

Users:  The instructor can enroll user to the course and change their roles.

Groups: You can create groups of students to collaborate on academic work and you can do so, by creating them one at a time or in sets. Each groups has access  to each own homepage and to various tools and links that help students collaborate.

Customization In this section you can modify your course and its properties as you see fit. You can also change the name of the course, set its availability and select its appearance by adding a theme and a banner.
Packages and Utilities A group under the Control Panel that has tools that help in the handling of Blackboard data. Tool from this section help to delete, copy, back up and check for link availability.
Help Contain link to external help in the use of Blackboard.